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Last Updated on Friday, 13 March 2015 12:39pm
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Singer Songwriter

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Location & Contact Info

Country: Nigeria
City: Calabar


Website: Visits 179
About: Singer Songwriter
The call to lead God's own people in his holy city to Praise, Worship and inspire people to God has been before my mother conceived me as it is written in the book of Jeremiah Chapter 1.
Despite an ugly youthful days spent on the streets of Free town Sierra Leone, Abidjan Ivory Coast where I experienced and was a victim of child slavery, Child prostitution ,street kids, child abuse, crimes
against women etc. my mission on earth remain simple TO HEAL A BROKEN HEART, declare the good news to the poor and set the captives free from from the powers of darkness for me music remain the only tool to reach out to the lost souls.
Michael is currently involved in Female Prisons empowerment, Ministration and prayer project across Nigeria Prisons Nationwide.
I have therefore dedicated the song "Heal the broken hearted" for the African child and mother.
In 2009 I received offers from TMG U.S.A, Asiatic and a few offers from KVZ Music Ltd., Vienna
Austria and France etc.


� gudrun -Fan (Feb. 5 2012) want to show my love for y. music (from my broken heart) and built a bridge to Nigeria!1111111 Gudrun A.-Kaufmann� (FAN)

�I love "Heal the Brokenhearted", so sorry to hear what's happening in Nigeria at the moment - I think this song is appropriate for many hurting Christians.� Heidi Helen Pilypas (fan)

�Hi, we listened to your MP3s, the voices are pretty good. Zdravkov, CEO of KVZ Music Ltd., Vienna Austria� Zdravkov

�I wanted to write you a quick email to thank you for sending us your music for review. I was able to listen to the music and I love what I heard. You have a very good sound and style. �Heal the Broken Hearted� is a very good song � good beat, strong vocals, and a great message � �let�s turn around and make a better place�for God is watching us�� If only everyone believed that way and acted upon it. Great stuff! Allen Finch Tate Music Group 18th Sept. 2009 �
Allen Finch,�(Artistic Director)Tate Music Group -USA
Nigeria shinning light and hope on the International stage �� News of The People Magazine nigeria
�Dvayhu's Voice is Truly a gift from a higher power, you owe it to yourself to give a listen. Kudo's brother and thanks for being on Sky Cast, you are welcome on the show anytime. R.C. Blazing Sky Music. U.S.A Nov 24 2011�
Blazing Sky Music. U.S.A

�Sonja Quintana �(USA) Christian/Gospel 2011-09-28 23:30 Your sound really touches my heart! I hv a tender heart for children. My husband just adopted a 2 yr. old little boy! I've fallen inlove all over again. God is watching us for sure. I often pray for all the children in Africa. I dream of some day adopting a child from there. I really really really love "God Is Watching Us!!! Thank you for sharing that with the world. We need more songs like that!!! God Bless You!�

Sonja,�God is watching us(reverbnation artist)
�Your moving and touching message through your creativity and wonderful gifting Heart is well praise worthy,your contribution to the Peace and Love of Mother Earth is outstandingly vast dear friend,the pain that is suffered in so many areas of Africa is beyond comprehension,bless you Dvahyu and all around you who bring your smile,Stars like you are helping to turn around a the World towards a more giving and Loving Planet,Peace, Love, World Sound and Vision, �Johnny Bonkers,� Reverbnation Musician (UK)