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Welcome to, where it's about being recognized for your talent, the great work you may do within the music industry. We believe there is always an audience and it's about finding that audience, which is where the fans like us come in. With either the in house rating system, advertisements or social media networking becoming another voice.

The Mp3 Music and Industry Network. Artists, bands or musicians upload then sell your music as mp3, find industry experts and gain new fans which we help you with by promoting your profile for we are fans too. We're looking out for the artist, for every member who joins, automatically becoming an affiliate with further opportunity to help fund your career as a full time musician.

If you're a fan of music, have someone within the music industry you feel deserves recognition for their talent, field of expertise or artistic qualities join us by promoting and sharing their links. Artists, musicians, bands, industry experts, companies or music related niche websites, may also like to take advantage of the page creation if you're looking to keep your profile private and you can also customize both if you wish. Create albums, upload single track titles, embed your music videos and we'll help share for we are fans too.

"The key to a band or artists success is in their fans who recognize and promote the talent"

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